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You are about to receive a Bible-based way to teach your 4 or 5-Year-Old Child to read at home In just 90 Days.  Reading With Jesus will have your 4 or 5-year-old reading before they enter kindergarten in just 90-days.

The Full Training Program

For ONLY $79.99 you will receive a Parents' Instructional Book,  A Child's Book with Certificates, A step-by-step  Instructional Audio Book with the delightful Alphabet Song and Lullaby Based On The Word Of God.

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Full Set of Books (Parents' Book and Child's Book)

A Child's Book  & 

Parents' Book
Plus MP3 Audio Training

In only 15-minutes a day Christian parents can teach their children to read before kindergarten and prepare them to excel through life at the same time. Just click the button below to get your training started.

Only $79.99

Get Additional Child's Books 

Have More Children That Need To Read In 90 Days?

Get Additional Child's Books  Here

Just click the button below and tell us how many more Child's Books you need. Every child should have their own book to help them map out their own future.
Reading With Jesus Child's Book
Each additional copy is only $40.94
Only $40.94

Get Additional Parents' Books 

Need Another Parents' Book? Get it here

Just click the button below and tell us how many more Parents' Books you need. Every Parent should have their own guide to their child's future. 
Reading With Jesus Parent's Book
Each additional copy is
only $39.05
Only $39.05


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